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April Tea Gathering - 1970s Sheng Pu

  • JIN YUN FU Tea shop 40 West 25th Street New York, NY, 10010 United States (map)

Come join us in celebrating the magic of aged Sheng Pu’er!

For the month of April, we will be showcasing (and tasting) one of our private collection teas: A precious Sheng (Raw) Pu’er, hand-plucked from ‘Gu shu’ wild arbor tea trees in Yi Wu, Yunnan, China, and aged since the 1970s!

(PLEASE NOTE: Limited seats available!)



Sunday, April 28th @ 5:00 - 7:00pm


JIN YUN FU Tea shop



About the tea

This special Yi Wu Sheng ‘Raw’ Pu’er has been aged for 45 years since the 1970s. The aging and long-term storage of Sheng Pu’er is a process in which the tea slowly (and naturally) polymerizes, oxidizes, and decomposes; it is a process by which one can change the tea’s pre-existing quality. Under optimal conditions, the tea will transform from a high floral fragrance to an antiquated aroma (Chen xiang 陈香). The body of liquor itself becomes thick and more full-bodied, richly encapsulated by a heavy aroma of medicine (Yao xiang 药香) and old wood (Mu xiang 木香).

This 45-year-old Pu’er is amazing in taste and mouth-feel. It is only around this age that this particular tea will transform to its pinnacle state; a feature unique to that of older Sheng Pu’er (Huajing 化境). This special feature beckons you to discover its past youthful vitality, though through years of aging, will kindly remind you of its present aged vigor—an experience that ushers warmth, relaxation, and calmness to the palate, body, and mind. Drinking this special tea is a magical journey; a time capsule in the form of a tea leaf that unlocks the door through the corridors of time...

This event is SOLD OUT.